16-Year-Old Blades Brown Reveals Personal Jordan Spieth Masters Experience

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‣ 16-year-old amateur golfer Blades Brown is making a notable debut at the PGA Tour’s Myrtle Beach Classic, showcasing exceptional skill and composure, and has made the cut, positioning himself for a potential top-10 finish.

‣ Brown’s experience at the tournament has transitioned him from a fan seeking autographs to a rising star giving them out, highlighting his rapid ascent in the golf world and his positive interactions with fans, including a memorable encounter with a fan’s unusual request for a forehead autograph.

‣ Inspired by a personal interaction with Jordan Spieth at the 2018 Masters, Brown aims to emulate Spieth’s kindness and influence towards fans, understanding the profound impact such gestures can have, especially on young admirers.

Blades Brown, a 16-year-old from Nashville, is absolutely killing it at his first PGA Tour appearance. This week, he’s at the Myrtle Beach Classic, and boy, is he living the dream. He’s not just playing; he’s shining, rubbing shoulders with legends he’s looked up to, all while exuding the confidence of someone who’s been in the game for ages.

And guess what? The kid’s fearless. Making his debut in such a prestigious event didn’t faze him one bit. Following in the footsteps of Kris Kim from last week’s The CJ Cup Byron Nelson, Brown’s the next teen sensation to make the cut on his first go. Pretty impressive, huh?

Saturday was a blast for him. Shot a bogey-free 66, catapulting himself to T10 at one point. Now, as we head into Sunday, he’s sitting at T22, a mere 10 shots behind the leader but still in the hunt for a top-10 finish. Talk about a rollercoaster!

But it’s not all just about swinging clubs. Brown’s navigating the world of press conferences and autographs – a far cry from his usual fanboy stance. Imagine, from seeking autographs to giving them. Life comes at you fast.

Oh, and the autograph stories? Hilarious. Someone actually asked him to sign their forehead. No joke. He’s signed shoes before, but a forehead? That’s a new one. Yet, through all these quirky moments, he’s just soaking it all in. Everything is awesome, in his words.

Then there’s this heartwarming bit about Jordan Spieth. Brown’s trying to pay forward the kindness Spieth showed him back at the 2018 Masters. It was a simple gesture from Spieth, but for Brown, it meant the world. That’s the kind of influence he aspires to have.

He’s still starstruck, though. Despite being No. 176 in the World Amateur Golf Ranking, he’s surrounded by idols. Yet, he’s trying to shift his mindset, aiming to see them as peers rather than stars on a pedestal. His caddie’s advice? Don’t chase autographs; make friends.

But, there’s this one guy, Joel Dahmen, thanks to Netflix’s Full Swing, whom Brown’s itching to meet. Almost had an awkward moment on the practice green, but no formal hellos yet. He’s determined, though. After Sunday’s round, he plans to seek Dahmen out, maybe even snag that autograph.

As for the competition, Brown’s ahead of Dahmen by four shots as they head into the final round. Regardless of the outcome, Brown’s likely to approach Dahmen, all smiles, for a chat, and who knows, maybe an autograph to boot. What a story, right? From fan to competitor to friend, all in one whirlwind week.

Elliott Mitchell
Elliott Mitchell
Elliott Mitchell is a Golf Glance Senior Writer. After earning a degree in Sports Journalism, he joined the club in 2021. Elliott is in charge of Golf Glance's news, features, and travel sections, as well as the courses.

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