Anthony Kim Expresses Strong Desire for Top-Level Golf Comeback

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– ‣ Anthony Kim, a three-time PGA Tour winner, has made a return to professional golf in the LIV Golf League after nearly 12 years away from the sport, following surgery on his Achilles and a lengthy hiatus.
– ‣ Despite struggling in his initial tournaments and finishing last in his second debut, Kim expresses a “burning desire” to return to a high level of play and is committed to working hard to regain his place among the best players in the world.
– ‣ Kim is also focusing on overcoming physical and mental health challenges, advocating for positivity and improvement in his game and personal well-being, while also adapting to significant changes in golf technology and regulations since his last competitive play.

Oh man, Anthony Kim’s comeback to the golf scene? It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, honestly. Nearly 12 years vanished into thin air, and now he’s back, swinging clubs and chasing dreams. But, let’s not sugarcoat it – it’s been tough to watch.

Kim, once a beacon of talent in the golf world, kinda disappeared post-2012. That Achilles surgery? It hit him hard. Then, poof! He was off the radar, leaving fans scratching their heads and wondering “what if?”

Fast forward to now, and he’s stepping back into the spotlight. Not where we last saw him, though. He’s over at the LIV Golf League, which, by the way, didn’t even exist when he last played competitively. Talk about a blast from the past meeting the new school.

So, he signs up as a ‘wildcard.’ Sounds cool, right? But his debut at LIV Golf Jeddah? Let’s just say it was a humble return. Finishing last isn’t exactly a fairy tale comeback. No custom-fitted clubs? That’s like showing up to a gunfight with a slingshot.

Despite the rocky start, Kim’s not losing hope. He’s had moments that spark a bit of optimism. Yet, breaking into the top-50 remains a dream, for now. But hey, he’s out there, giving it his all.

Kim’s message on social media? It’s a mix of real life and ambition. “Don’t let my family photos and life updates fool you,” he seems to say. “I’ve got this burning desire to climb back to the top.” And you know what? It’s pretty inspiring.

He’s determined, promising to be more prepared than ever. That’s the spirit, right? But it’s not just about getting back into the game. The golf world has changed. Technology has advanced, and the game’s lawmakers are scrambling to keep up.

Kim, bless him, seemed out of the loop about the whole golf ball rollback plan. “What rollback?” he asked innocently during a chat. It’s a reminder of how much catching up he has to do.

Yet, he’s focused on more than just the game. Kim’s journey is also about overcoming personal battles, particularly with his mental health. It’s heartening to see him use his platform to spread positivity and share his struggles and triumphs.

“Never thought I’d play golf again,” he shared, touching on his mental health battles and the strength he’s found in sobriety. The results might not be there yet, but he’s making progress, one day at a time.

So, here’s to getting 1% better every day. Whether it’s on the green, in life, or anywhere in between, it’s a motto we could all live by.

Elliott Mitchell
Elliott Mitchell
Elliott Mitchell is a Golf Glance Senior Writer. After earning a degree in Sports Journalism, he joined the club in 2021. Elliott is in charge of Golf Glance's news, features, and travel sections, as well as the courses.

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