Collin Morikawa Reunites with Childhood Coach After Short Break

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‣ A coach plays a critical role in a professional golfer’s career, often understanding the player’s swing better than the player themselves. Collin Morikawa’s long-term relationship with coach Rick Sessinghaus highlights this importance.

‣ Collin Morikawa and Rick Sessinghaus had a successful partnership from Morikawa’s childhood until just before the 2023 Ryder Cup, achieving five PGA Tour wins, including two Major championships, demonstrating the impact of a strong player-coach relationship on performance.

‣ After a brief period of working with another coach, Mark Blackburn, and experiencing a mix of results, Collin Morikawa has reunited with Rick Sessinghaus, indicating the challenges and adjustments professional athletes may face in maintaining optimal performance and the significance of finding the right coach.

A coach isn’t just a part of the game; they’re the game-changer, especially in golf. They’ve got this eagle eye, you know? And sometimes, they get your swing better than you do. Imagine that.

Since he was just a kiddo at eight, Collin Morikawa had Rick Sessinghaus in his corner. Rick’s not just any coach; he’s got a PhD in how your brain works when you’re playing sports. But around the 2023 Ryder Cup, they took a break. It’s like they needed some space, you know?

Then, bam! Out of the blue, they’re a team again. Dan Rapaport tweeted this first, and it’s kinda big news. Just weeks before the PGA Championship, which, by the way, Morikawa nailed in 2020. Under Rick’s watch, Collin bagged five PGA Tour wins, including two majors. Not too shabby, huh?

But then, the wins dried up for two years. Morikawa was like, “This isn’t what I signed up for.” So, he split with Rick before the Ryder Cup. Said Rick was more than a coach, more like a buddy. Next, he teamed up with Mark Blackburn, who’s also coaching Max Homa and Justin Rose. First time out of the gate with Blackburn, Morikawa wins the ZOZO Championship. Talk about a good start.

But here’s the twist—Morikawa and Sessinghaus? They’re back. After a short break, they’re hitting the greens together again. With Rick, Morikawa climbed to world no. 2 and snagged those two majors.

Then there’s this tweet from May 3, 2024, spilling the beans. But the reunion tour had its bumps. Only one top 10 finish at The Sentry in 2024, and then Morikawa and Blackburn called it quits before The Masters. Yet, Morikawa still managed a third-place tie there.

Chatting with Golfweek, Morikawa played it coy about reuniting with Rick. But after a ninth at the RBC Heritage and a 23rd at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, it looks like they’re back on.

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Elliott Mitchell
Elliott Mitchell
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