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‣ LIV Golf League CEO Greg Norman emphasized that the 54-hole circuit, backed by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and its chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan, will continue to operate indefinitely, even if a deal allowing LIV players to return to PGA Tour events is reached.

‣ Norman outlined plans for LIV Golf’s expansion, including owning their golf courses and creating a comprehensive ecosystem around them, encompassing education, hospitality, real estate, and merchandise, to deliver a wide range of opportunities to communities and regions.

‣ The future growth and sustainability of LIV Golf will rely on its ability to maintain and grow its viewership by engaging with various target audiences through traditional and innovative means, including securing further media deals and adapting to modern consumption habits.

Greg Norman, the big boss at LIV Golf League, dropped a bombshell. He’s been chatting with PIF chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan, and guess what? The 54-hole circuit isn’t going anywhere. Even if they shake hands with the PGA Tour, LIV’s here to stay.

So, they’ve been having these hush-hush talks. Yasir, Jay Monahan from the PGA, and some big shots from the DP World Tour are trying to figure things out. They’re not exactly sitting ’round the same table, but they’re aiming for some sort of golf kumbaya.

But here’s the kicker, according to our Aussie friend Norman. Even if they manage to get LIV players back on the PGA Tour, it’s not curtains for LIV. Nope, far from it.

In a cozy chat with Bloomberg, Norman was all, “LIV Golf’s still rolling.” He’s like, “I’m just the messenger here, but my boss says we’re not going anywhere.” And get this, the boss thinks LIV will outlive him, and he’s not old.

He’s basically told Norman to keep his eye on the ball. LIV’s got its own thing going, with billions poured into it. They’re seeing some sweet returns on investment, so they’re sticking to the plan.

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Norman’s not just sitting pretty; he’s got plans. Big plans. Like, owning their golf courses big. Imagine LIV with its own stadiums, each team with a home base. It’s like what Man United, the Indian Premier League, and the NFL have got going.

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But Norman’s dreaming bigger. It’s not just about golf courses. He’s talking education, hospitality, real estate, merch. He wants to weave golf into the fabric of communities, regions. It’s ambitious, no doubt.

Here’s the thing, though. Will people watch? The PGA Tour’s been wrestling with this, and 2024’s been tough. LIV’s viewership? Hard to pin down. But Norman’s optimistic. He reckons they’re hitting the mark with various audiences.

Greg Norman’s all, “Yasir says LIV GOLF is forever, folks.”

The 69-year-old’s not just sitting back. He’s wheeling and dealing, securing media partnerships. “We just teamed up with Google,” he says, all casual like. But what does “tuning in” even mean anymore?

To the old guard, it’s about hunkering down for a four-hour TV marathon. But to the youngsters? It’s a quick 12-second peek on their phones. Norman gets it. He’s after that rich, influential market that flits from one thing to the next.

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