Jason Day’s Eye-Catching Outfit at Wells Fargo Championship

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‣ Jason Day’s apparel, specifically his partnership with Malbon clothing, became a significant talking point at major golf events, sparking discussions about golf fashion norms.

‣ Day’s style, described as a mix of late ’90s and early 2000s Tiger Woods on the bottom with a nod to Ben Hogan on top, represents a shift towards more relaxed and diverse fashion choices in golf, especially appealing as he enters his late 30s.

‣ The reaction to Day’s fashion at the 2024 Wells Fargo Championship indicates a growing acceptance and appreciation for innovative and unique golf attire among fans and viewers, challenging traditional golf fashion standards.

At the Masters, something kinda unexpected happened. Sure, Scottie Scheffler’s win was big news. But, Jason Day’s outfit? Now, that got people talking. Seriously, during the first couple of rounds, his pants and vest combo was all the buzz. On the second day at Augusta National, he even had to ditch the vest. Talk about a fashion emergency, right?

So, there’s this brand, Malbon, that Day’s been rocking. And let’s just say, it’s been… divisive. But, fast forward to the 2024 Wells Fargo Championship, and it seems like folks are warming up to his style. Especially this one outfit he wore on Friday at Quail Hollow. Caught everyone’s eye, it did.

Now, we at Golf Monthly? We’ve been team Malbon since Day teamed up with them at the start of 2024. After the Masters, our gear guy, Joe Ferguson, went to bat for Day’s fashion choices. He wrote this whole piece about why the backlash was bad for golf. Passionate stuff.

Day himself had something to say about his “Friday look.” He described it as a mix of late ’90s, early 2000s Tiger Woods on the bottom, with a dash of Mr. Ben Hogan up top. Interesting, huh? He mentioned he’s into the looser fit now that he’s hitting his late 30s. “It’s been nice to wear some stuff that looks a little different,” he said. Like it or not, that’s your call.

Over in North Carolina, Day’s wardrobe choices sparked conversations again. Social media was buzzing with opinions. We sifted through the chatter and picked out some highlights. Like, there was this one tweet showing Day at Quail Hollow, looking sharp. And another, praising yet another of his epic outfits.

Some tweets were all fire emojis, calling Day’s style “ELITE” and “nothing short of fire.” Others appreciated the boldness, saying it made golf look cool for a change. Amidst the sea of opinions, one thing was clear: Jason Day was setting the fashion world on fire, one outfit at a time.

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Elliott Mitchell
Elliott Mitchell
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