Jordan Spieth Faces Wrist Issues Before PGA Championship

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‣ Jordan Spieth, a three-time Major champion, is facing ongoing wrist problems that first affected him at last year’s PGA Championship and have continued to flare up, impacting his performance in recent tournaments.

‣ Spieth is on the verge of achieving the Grand Slam, needing only a win at the upcoming PGA Championship at Valhalla to become the sixth men’s player to complete this fabled achievement, despite his current form showing four missed cuts in his last six events.

‣ Golf Channel’s Rex Hoggard suggested that Spieth might need to consider taking a lengthy break from golf to address his wrist issue properly, as it is clearly affecting his ability to play at his best, with Spieth himself acknowledging the severity of the pain and the unpredictable nature of the injury.

Jordan Spieth’s gearing up for the PGA Championship next week. It’s a big deal. The dude’s won three Majors already. If he clinches a win at Valhalla, he’ll join the elite club of six men who’ve nailed the Grand Slam. But, there’s a hitch. His wrist’s acting up again.

Now, Spieth’s not exactly riding a wave of success into this. With four missed cuts in his last six outings, it’s rough. Currently, he’s tied for 20th at the Wells Fargo Championship. But then, bam! A drive on the 12th tee during round two sends him grabbing his wrist in pain. “It hurt really bad,” he was caught saying. Ouch, right?

This wrist saga isn’t new. It first flared up at last year’s PGA Championship. Since then, it’s been a thorn in his side, popping up at the worst times. Like at the Players and RBC Heritage. He almost bailed on those.

Rex Hoggard from Golf Channel threw in his two cents. He reckons Spieth should consider taking a break. A long one. To sort this mess out. “It’s clearly a problem,” he said on Golf Today. And yeah, it’s messing with Spieth’s game. The game we all know he’s ace at.

Spieth’s take? Well, after that painful drive, he said it hurt. A lot. Not exactly news, but it’s not looking good. He chatted with me last week, adamant that playing won’t make it worse. But it won’t make it better either. Surgery doesn’t seem to be on the cards for him.

He’s got this fear, you see. About his ligament popping out of its sheath. Just thinking about it gives me the heebie-jeebies. How do you even play knowing that could happen at any moment?

So, what’s next for Spieth? If things don’t look up, he’s got some tough calls to make. Maybe laying off for six months is the way to go. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, he’s set to tee off at 11.50 am with Nick Taylor at the Wells Fargo Championship. Let’s see how that goes.

Elliott Mitchell
Elliott Mitchell
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