Rory McIlroy & Tiger Woods Maintain Friendship Amid PGA Tour/PIF Disagreements

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‣ Rory McIlroy clarified his involvement in PGA Tour discussions with the Saudi PIF, highlighting his role in the new PGA Tour Enterprises’ Transaction Subcommittee alongside Tiger Woods and Adam Scott, despite not having a place on the PGA Tour Policy Board.

‣ McIlroy emphasized that despite differing visions for the future of golf with Tiger Woods, their relationship has not been strained, underscoring the ability to have disagreements without affecting personal connections.

‣ McIlroy expressed his commitment to contributing to the PGA Tour-PIF negotiations through the Transaction Subcommittee, aiming to provide insight and value to help reach an agreement, despite not having voting rights on the board.

Oh boy, Rory McIlroy’s been stirring the pot these last few days, hasn’t he? He’s finally shed some light on his new gig with the PGA Tour talks and his dynamic with Tiger Woods. So, McIlroy didn’t snag a spot back on the PGA Tour Policy Board. He stepped down last year, and despite Webb Simpson’s plea for him to return, it was a no-go due to some procedural red tape.

But don’t you think Rory’s sitting this one out. Nope. He’s got a seat at the table in the new PGA Tour Enterprises’ Transaction Subcommittee. And guess who’s joining him? Tiger Woods and Adam Scott. Talk about a power trio, huh? McIlroy’s been open, though, about him and Woods not exactly seeing eye-to-eye on the future of golf. But, and it’s a big but, he’s adamant it’s not causing any tension between them.

Before, Rory hinted at some behind-the-scenes drama, suggesting a “subset” of the Policy Board wasn’t keen on having him back. Now, he’s singing a slightly different tune. It’s not that they didn’t want him; it was more about the how. After teeing off at the Wells Fargo Championship, he dived into his role in the transaction committee, aiming to seal the deal with PIF.

He’s feeling pretty optimistic, given his good relations on both sides. Rory’s hoping to add his two cents, aiming to make this deal a win-win. He’s already been busy, having a hefty Zoom call discussing a massive 150-page document on future plans. Despite not having a vote on the board, Rory believes he can still make a difference from his spot on the committee. It’s his way of contributing, even if it’s not from the boardroom chair.

Now, about that Tiger Woods friendship saga. Rumors were swirling that Woods was blocking McIlroy’s return to the board. But that’s old news now, brushed aside as a simple procedural hiccup. Sure, they don’t exactly agree on the direction golf should take, with Rory eyeing a more global perspective and Woods leaning towards an America-first stance. Yet, McIlroy is quick to clarify that a difference in vision doesn’t equate to a rift in their friendship.

He’s pretty clear about it – disagreements don’t spell doom for friendships. In fact, they had a solid 45-minute chat just last Friday, covering a myriad of topics. No strain, no stress. Just two pals who happen to see the future of golf from different angles. And that, my friends, is the latest chapter in the Rory-Tiger saga. Stay tuned for more twists and turns.

Elliott Mitchell
Elliott Mitchell
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