Tiger Woods Scouts Valhalla Before PGA Championship

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‣ Tiger Woods is set to scout Valhalla Golf Club, the site of the PGA Championship, just 10 days before the event, marking his third competitive appearance of the year.

‣ Woods has a significant history at Valhalla, having won the PGA Championship there in 2000, but faced challenges during the 2014 Championship where he missed the cut.

‣ Despite mixed results in 2024 and ongoing recovery from injury, Woods remains optimistic about his competitive future, aiming to add to his 15 Major victories and expressing a desire to “ruin” his new apparel brand’s logo, which symbolizes his Major wins.

In less than a fortnight, Tiger Woods is gearing up for his third showdown of the year at the PGA Championship. Can you believe it? Just around the corner, really. He’s planning a sneak peek at Valhalla on Monday, a course that’s seen its fair share of drama. So, I heard through the grapevine—okay, it was the TW Legion account—that he’s hitting Kentucky 10 days before the big event kicks off. They tweeted, “Tiger will scout Valhalla Golf Club tomorrow, site of the PGA Championship, according to a source familiar.” And they even dropped a date: May 5, 2024. Fancy that!

Ah, Valhalla. Brings back memories, doesn’t it? Tiger clinched one of his four PGA Championship wins there. The year was 2000, and what a showdown it was against Bob May. But, that wasn’t his last dance at Valhalla. No, sir. After sitting out the 2008 Ryder Cup—knee surgery, tough break—he made a comeback in 2014. Though, let’s just say it wasn’t his finest hour, missing the cut with back-to-back 74s. Fast forward to now, and at 48, Tiger’s got his eyes set on redemption. No repeats of 2014, thank you very much.

2024’s been a mixed bag for Woods. The Genesis Invitational in February? A real nail-biter. He was on the brink of making the cut, then bam, illness knocked him out in the second round. But then came The Masters. Tiger set a new record for consecutive cuts made at Augusta National. Ended up 60th, but still, signs of a comeback? Perhaps. Especially considering he’s been battling that pesky right ankle injury. Remember the subtalar fusion procedure a year back? Yeah, he’s come a long way.

Before The Masters, Tiger was all about pacing himself—playing a tournament a month. That was the plan post-Hero World Challenge last year. Didn’t quite pan out, though. His body and game just weren’t there. Yet, with majors lined up every month till July, Tiger’s hopeful. And this Valhalla visit? It’s a big deal, signaling he’s sticking to his guns.

Now, about snagging that fifth PGA Championship title. Tiger’s not counting himself out. Just last week, he was chatting with Carson Daly on the Today Show, talking up his new Sun Day Red apparel brand. The logo? A tiger, sleek and simple, with 15 stripes for his 15 major wins. But Tiger’s got bigger plans. “My goal is to ruin this logo,” he said, half-joking. He’s aiming to outdo himself, to add more stripes to that tiger. If that’s not determination, I don’t know what is.

Elliott Mitchell
Elliott Mitchell
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