Webb Simpson Addresses Criticism Over Recent Sponsor Invite

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‣ Webb Simpson defends his receipt of a fourth sponsor’s exemption for the Wells Fargo Championship, amidst criticism from fellow players like Dylan Wu, who question the fairness of repeat exemptions, especially for those involved in the PGA Tour’s Policy Board.

‣ Simpson emphasizes the importance of sponsor exemptions in providing tournament directors the flexibility to build their event’s field, arguing that his long-standing relationships with directors and sponsors justify his invitations, rather than his position on the board.

‣ Despite the controversy, Simpson focuses on the positive impact of his participation in events like the Wells Fargo Championship, highlighting community engagement activities such as visiting children in hospitals and supporting The First Tee of Charlotte, demonstrating the broader benefits of sponsor exemptions beyond just the competition.

Webb Simpson, the PGA Tour Player-Director, has found himself in the spotlight again. This time, it’s about his latest invite to the Wells Fargo Championship, thanks to a sponsor’s exemption. It’s his fourth this season, and opinions are, well, mixed.

The World No.227 isn’t new to the game. He’s already shown his skills at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and the RBC Heritage. His finishes? Somewhere between T30 and T42. Not too shabby, especially considering the hefty $20 million on the line at these events.

But here’s the kicker. Simpson made the cut in all three of his regular PGA Tour appearances this term. However, he didn’t play over the weekend at The Players Championship in March. And that’s got some folks talking.

You see, not everyone’s thrilled about the rich rewards of these tournaments going to players outside the world’s top-100. Dylan Wu, for instance, didn’t hide his frustration over Simpson’s fourth invite. Why? Simpson’s a current member of the PGA Tour’s Policy Board. Wu called the whole situation “suspect.”

Adam Scott’s been in the same boat, snagging his third-straight invitation to a Signature Event. Wu pointed out, “Great players and major champions, sure. But more than one sponsor exemption into elevated events? Doesn’t seem fair.”

Wu’s got a point. He mentioned something about meritocracy and how these exemptions don’t exactly scream “play better.” More like, “be more famous” or “know the right people.” Ouch.

Simpson, on his end, has tried to keep things cool. Speaking at a pre-tournament press conference, he admitted he’s not the most active on social media. So, maybe he’s missing some of the chatter. But he’s aware of the controversy.

He explained that sponsor exemptions are a hot commodity. And yes, he’s gotten four this year. Adam Scott’s had his share too. But Simpson insists it’s not about being on the board.

He’s known these tournament directors since his rookie year in 2009. It’s about relationships, history, and maybe a bit of affection for the tournaments and sponsors. Not just who’s who in the rankings.

Simpson got candid in a chat with Garrett Johnson on the ‘Beyond The Clubhouse’ podcast. He mentioned hearing from tournament directors and sponsors. They’d like more freedom with their exemptions, to shape the field as they see fit.

Despite the controversy, Simpson’s looking forward. The Wells Fargo Championship is a big deal for him. It’s practically in his backyard, being a Quail Hollow resident. Plus, he’s got some heartwarming plans.

Last week, he visited the Trojans Levine Center, playing bingo with kids in the hospital. And today? He’s hitting the range with kids from The First Tee of Charlotte. For Simpson, it’s these moments that matter more than any controversy over sponsor exemptions.

Elliott Mitchell
Elliott Mitchell
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